oxidation copper diptych 2023
oxidation brass diptych 2023
long oxidation copper 2023
oxidation brass diptych 2023
g brass oxidation 2023 -2
oxidation milan 1
oxidation milan 2
oxidation milan 3
oxidation milan 4
oxidation milan 5
oxidation milan 6
oxidation milan 7
oxidation milan 8
oxidation milan 9


red-red-black-late december
red-red-small-negative-late december
red on red and brown 40x40
red on red 40x40 late december
reds swirl negative crop
red drip barn 4x4
red stripes barn crop
red on red - moon web - negative space
red negative drip crop
red swirl crop
red on red chiara small
red on red francesca small
small red on red yves
small red nathan crop
enamel safety red 8x8 positif + floor
red on red first acrylic + floor
Painting, red on red
bmg 8x8
black on black large
black on black negative 8x8


Glitches 1 -square crop
glitches 3 - square crop
Glitches 2 San Carlo- square crop
Stay in the middle two lanes
+ floor
original + floor
studio floor my way
In real life 96x96-floor
Recede, ebb image charles
In real life 4x4
In Themselves Jose
in themselves great jones
In Real Like Kate Stitch work


Acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas. 78 x 306 in. (198.1 x 722.2 cm).
Untitled ( flash Blue )
flash yellow small
copper dyptich orient + floor


long brass oxidation + floor
long copper oxidation +floor
hansa yellow 48x48
Brass metallic paint, dye oxide and silkscreen ink on canvas.76 x52 in.(193x132.1cm) each, 76x104 in.(193x256.1cm) overall.
flash yellow long + floor  Lorenzo


cmy 8x8 pegboard 4 wythe ave
red blue yellow 4x4
cmy pegboard 8x8 3
cmy pegboard 8x8 2
cmy pegboard 8x8 1
black pegboard 5
black pegboard 5
black pegboard 3
black pegboard 8x8  2
Pegboard, black and white


silkscreen on canvas
silkscreen on canvas
silkscreen on canvas
silkscreen on pegboard
silkscreen on pegboard
silkscreen on pegboard
silkscreen on pegboard
mirrored print, Lee Miller's eye
lee eye -Steiner
lee eye mauve
Eye print and mirror
Eye print and mirror
Printed motorcycle seat
biker silver a palazzo
biker copper apalazzo flat
biker brass a palazzo
copper screen frieze
screen copper life apalazzo


explosion lee miller
biker tubes 1-2-3
biker  3 tube
biker 2 tube
Cylindrical print, biker
woman on motocycle looking close up
Lipstick 3 women crop
Wavy print, biker
Print, motorcyclist in the woods
Print, tent
Print, motorcycle rider
 property close up Nancy
property harvard
green property
917-JKE nada miami
Wavy copper print, biker jacket
Print, motorcyclist
Wavy copper print, biker jacket
Club 59 copper
club 59 dyptich
motocycle brass green


Untitled (Lasso)
Women from back sitting on a Fence plastic tubes
Woman and Child on Horses tube large
 Untitled (Guns and a Man) JA web
MaryS.1505 Untitled (Guns on Wood Board) JA web
woman and child on a horse thin tube
Untitled (Woman on a Horse with Lassos) JA web
MaryS.1503 Untitled (Woman on a Fence) JA web
MaryS.1504 Untitled (Woman with Gun) JA web
MaryS.1506 Untitled (Two Women on a Fence) JA web
 Untitled (Two Women) JA web
MaryS.1512 JA Untitled (Group) web
rodeo curved glass
cowgirl curved glass laugh
oilmen curved glass
Untitled (Woman and a Horse), glass piece
Two Women Carrying a Log floor piece
twins glass piece
Untitled (Woman on a Horse with Lassos), curved glass
cowgirl nada miami glass